What we do?

We build software that boosts productivity for businesses and simplifies customers’ lives.
Our products are carefully designed for the end-user and brought to life with elegantly written code.

Mobile apps

We can create and deliver high-performance mobile apps, whether native or hybrid, the experience of our teams allows us to step in with the best solutions and technologies to overcomeall the challenges raised by your product.

Technologies : Android, iOS, ionic

Web & SaaS Solutions

We deliver bespoke & integrated enterprise applications that address your business needs and meet your specifications. Our developers are able to leverage their experience with Agile software development to increase your competitive advantage.
We can provide:
– Backend & Frontend Development
– Continous Integration
– Maintenance and support

UI/UX & Branding

While beautiful design is imperative to attracting users, good UX is about honing in on outcomes which provide value to your users and retain them. At Appcod, we bring you both. Our team of designers and developers work hand-in-hand to bring you a finished product that is both easy on the eyes and seamlessly functional, resulting in a well-rounded digital user experience.

Startup Package

From our experience in the field of startup evolution, we believe that among the most aggressive tasks of founders is finding the best CTO co-founder, at Appcod We help non-technical founders get started on their product.
We can build your MVP and accompany you to get it on the market rapidly so you can test your ideas and hypothesis with minimal cost.

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